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Baby Weaning Bowl

₦2,000 Ex Tax: ₦2,000

This Weaning Bowl with Heat Sensor spoon for baby is bpa free and easy to grasp. The plate is attrac.....

Ben 10 Basket Ball Hoop Set

₦6,000 Ex Tax: ₦6,000

This Ben 10 Basketball Hoop Set comes with; - Hoop - Goal net - Ball - Inflator - Hoo.....

Ben 10 Skate Board

₦4,000 Ex Tax: ₦4,000

Your kids can enjoy the fresh air when they embark on a new adventure with their very own Ben 10 Ali.....

Bible Learner

₦5,500 Ex Tax: ₦5,500

Bible Learner Kid's Laptop Encourages creative learning Features inbuilt LCD screen, sound in.....

Booster to Toddler Seat - Grey

₦15,000 Ex Tax: ₦15,000

Mastela Booster to Toddler Seat - Grey is a practical multi-function chairs that can be folded and t.....

Camera Breast Pump - Manual

₦3,400 Ex Tax: ₦3,400

Breastmilk is the most ideal meal you can serve your baby,hence it is recommended that you breastfee.....

Car grand

₦2,100 Ex Tax: ₦2,100

Car Tag - Baby On Board

₦1,500 Ex Tax: ₦1,500

Use this affordable Winnie The Pooh Car Tag as a safety feature on your car to signal the presence o.....

Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet

₦70,000 Ex Tax: ₦70,000

Made from solid wood with an espresso finish, the Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet is a.....

Closer to Nature Manual Breast Pump

₦11,800 Ex Tax: ₦11,800

Make it easy to give your baby the benefits of your breast milk, even when you're not there, with th.....

Day2Night Sleep System

₦95,000 Ex Tax: ₦95,000

An integrated solution for seamless day and nighttime sleep, including a bedroom bassinet, port.....

Deluxe Art Desk

₦17,000 Ex Tax: ₦17,000

This Deluxe art desk includes One double-sided drawing board, 1.25" magnetic letters & nos &.....